Darnheim Imperium

Consolidated by the human, Armand Darnheim, during the Dragonwar, The Darnheim Imperium is the largest civilized section of the known world.

The Homeland of the High Elves, the Darnheim Imperium is a Bastion of Civilization, and the Height of Law and Order. it borders the Red Cross Alliance to the West, the Southern Sea and Morrowind to the south, and the draconian dessert to the southeast. The Eastern Frontier is a place of Death and Suffering, anyone who can carve a section out of there is to be considered a minor noble as long as they can maintain it.

The major religion in the Darnheim Imperium is the Church of Galahan, however Libram is common in the Northwest. In the south there are some tribes of Orcs, but most of Darnheim Shuns them. and on the Southern Sea there are a few gnomish Collectives.

The Human Emporer Agustus Darnheim currently rules the land.

Darnheim Imperium

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