House Rules

Character Creation

5d6 drop lowest 2

You may keep a Yahtzee in exchange for a trait. Max HP. If you put a Yahzee in STR, opponents will see your rippling muscles and you will be considered an obvious threat.

Dm reserves right to Re Balance party and adjust ECL and AGRO based off above… (34 str Orc at lv 1 is useful for keeping the party from getting killed, but typical lv1 mobs get killed to quick, and raising the levl of mobs too fast kills party; as could a fumble)

No Kenders. They spontaniously combust upon reentry to the realm

No Chronomancy. too game breaking, and it requires me to take a week to think on how this butterfly who died effected the weather… even when you fix things right back where they were… things will change. Therefore, there is no magic that can effectively effect the timestream… Phb spells like Time Stop work by Speeding up the character, not slowing down time.


This campaign permits Gestalt classes from Unearthed Arcana, (v3.0/3.5) Basically you pick 2 classes and take the better of the two statistics. However scince not everyone wanted to play a Gestalt class, therefore, to keep it fair, playing one penalizes xp. We typically use the Medium xp table in the pathfinder book, Gestalting moves you to the slow xp table. this basically makes you need 1 1/2 x xp to level. about what you needed in 2nd edition Multiclass, which is what this basically becoming.

Prestiege classes and Gestalt

If you decide to take a prestige class, you must chose which class to replace with the prestige class, you still have to meet the pre-requisites. For example, a fighter/rouge decides to take assasin, the character would have to chose wheter to curtail rogue, and it’s bonus to backstab, or Fighter with it’s extra hp, to hit, and other abilities.

A Cleric/mage going Mystic Theurge, would have to chose between Cleric and mage to advance Mystic Theurge, They would get the spells from Mystic theurge, but not from the other chosen class, due to the “Take the better” rule. This steals a bit of thunder from the Mystic theurge, However, you may take a second prestige class, possibly one that doesn’t grant spells, and not have to worry about spellcasting ability.

Other notes

If you want to use something off the Pathfinder SRD that is not in the books, fine: just ask first. let me read it, and figure out how you are trying to break the character… I will also permit stuff out of 3.5, same rules apply.

The races Provided are Guidelines, Certain races in the MM are changed however. IE Trolls are UNINTELIGENT. Yan tui are Evil and trying to convert everyone (Kinda like the Alien from Alien) other races may likewise have problems…

This mostly covers Character Creation

Magic Fail

Magic Failure is mostly the purview of Artificers and their Weird Science Inventions. but also may occur on item breaking, Burning Spellbooks and Scrolls, Fumbling a spell or concentration check, or any other sudden or unplanned magical discharge.


On an attack roll of a Natural 1, you have to roll a d4 on a 1, you hit yourself, on a 2 you drop your weapon, 3 hits a party member (Random) and 4 hits an enemy you weren’t aiming at.

I may permit the taking of a feat at 5th level to eliminate this. Regardless, 1 always misses

I reserve the right to change to another critical/fumble table in the future.

House Rules

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