Oakleaf Alliance

The Oakleaf Alliance is the home to the Secretive Wood Elves and the even more secretive Druids. It is positioned between the Mountaintop Alliance and the Darnheim Imperium. They also share aborder with the Red Cross alliance. There are… Tense relationships between the wood elves and their surrounding neibors.

It boils down to a few things:

The Red Cross Alliance uses too much stone for their fortresses in their lands, blighting the earth, and other crimes against Nature. (Do we have to mention the Bugbears?)

The Mountaintop Alliance uses too much Stonework, Defaces the Base Earth for unimportant things as Metal and Fuel, and throws up too much smog in the air.

The Darnheim Imperium is a constant threat of invasion, wanting to “Civilize” them, In addition to Diverting the courses of rivers, and destroying ecosystems in order to enslave the earth to their will.

The Oakleaf Alliance is a Druocrocy, (Theocracy by Druids) and several druids don’t get along with Each Other. Other have taken to Cannibalism. and others believe Intelligent life is a curse and don’t let anyone (Even wood elves) in their territory.

Therefore there is 1 trade road through the O/A, and if you break the rules, you get killed. Considering it takes 3 months to go around… people generally put up with it. to get through in a week or less.

Oakleaf Alliance

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