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  • Gaia (wood Elves)

    Gaia Mother Nature Earthminder Patron Goddess of Wood Elves The Green Lady Mary Mary Quite contrary, How does your garden grow? True Neutral Priests and Oracles of Gaia Are DRUIDS Any Questions? After Boris and Scabaract created the …

  • Tomy (Halflings)

    Tomy God of the Hearth Keeper of the Home Father of Peace Patron god of the Halflings _-Pansy-_ Neutral Good Holy Symbol: Hearth Domanins Community Healing Protection Seasons (Sub of Weather) Travel Plant Animal

  • Boris (Dwarves)

    Boris Patron God of the Dwarves The Master Smith Crafter of Souls Forger of the World _-OOOh Look at me.... I'm so full of myself!-_ Neutral Good Holy Symbol :Smithing Hammer Domains Artifice Fire Earth Rune Tactics(Sub of War)

  • Spriggan (Gnomes)

    Spriggan Keeper of the Treasures of the Sea Lord of the Deep Father of Invention Patron God of the Gnomes God of Merchants _-He's Mad I telly you MAAAAAAAAADDDDDD-_ Chaotic Good Holy Symbol: Gun, Ocean wave, Gear Domains Artifice Water …

  • Scabaract (Goblins)

    Scabaract The Trickster The Thief Goblin God The One Eyed Evil The Bestest god in the Whole Wide World Lawful Evil Holy Symbol : Ruby, Eye, Dagger Domains Trickery Earth Tactics (Sub of war) Trickery Evil Artifice Trickery …

  • Abonax (Dragons)

    Abonax Earth/Fire (Both as one domain) Dragon (Sub of Scalykind) * Dragon Breath: Abonax Scale: 30 ft cone of LAVA Damage holds person of touch DC15 str check Stregnth Void

  • Death

    Death Destroyer of Worlds The Great Equalizer The Final Destination The Great Punchline Neutral Death has 3 religions dedicated to him The Cult of Death No priests, just a bunch of Psychos who want to kill EVERYONE, uasually with Scythes …

  • Races

    Notes on race. Certain races will be restricted on what classes they may take. If a class is forbidden, there is a storyline reason for it. (For example, Dwarves may not be Arcane Spellcasters. They sacrificed that ability to their god for Divine …

  • Dwarves

    Dwarves Humanoid Type (0) Medium Size (0) Slow Speed (-1) Ability Scores STD (0) +2 con/wis -2 cha Languages STD (0) Defense Traits 4 points total Defensive Training Lesser (1) +4 ac vs Giants (need to change) Hardy (3) +2 …

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