During the Profane War, the Orcs Arrived, Raiding and Pillaging, but not holding land. Due to this, they are mostly tribes of nomads in the Red Cross Alliance, some parts of the Darnheim Imperium, and the western frontier.

They are generally not trusted by the High elves and Grey elves of northern and western Darnheim, however the Duke of Southern Darnheim has granted them permission to stay, and in Eastern Darnheim, they have carved a Nich out of the Eastern Frontier.

Orcs have skill in Animal Husbandry, Leatherworking, armor and weapons. Orcs may use Blacksmithing as Weaponsmithin and Armorer for metal armor and weapons, they may use Leatherworking for Leather armor and Woodworking for Wooden Weapons (Not crossbows Orcs also get Skill Focus Leatherworking, Craft Leatherwork, Ride, or Survival (Pick 2) as a bonus feat. All Orcs have Ride at maximum to their level free

In addition, Orcs can develop a +2 to their armor by decorating it with the trophies of those they have slain. This takes 10 battles and 2 weeks…. which may run concurrently. However this only works if the orc is wearing Piecemeal armor, as standard armor has no real attachment points. Orcs wearing Piecemeal armor also get a +2 max dex bonus

Orcs who don’t take linguistics are illiterate. Orcs who take linguistics lose the first bonus language for literacy. Orcs Also have problems with Advanced learning and get a -2 to all Knowledge Skills and Linguistics Checks. Orcs mages must be Specialists (Not Universalist), or Magus. Sorcerers may not take the Arcane Bloodline.

Orcs do not have a Written Language. Anything written in Orcish is in Dwarven Runes and spelled phonetically.

Orcs are Creatures of Passion. When their passions are quelled, they get a -1 to all attack rolls and saves for the rest of the day. (basically any time you Don’t kill that annoying kender)

Orcs are partially blind, but have acute scent and Hearing. as such they get Scent and Blindsense 30


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