Notes on race. Certain races will be restricted on what classes they may take. If a class is forbidden, there is a storyline reason for it. (For example, Dwarves may not be Arcane Spellcasters. They sacrificed that ability to their god for Divine Intervention.) There will be no exceptions to this rule. Not every race has barred classes.

I am also going to be re-iterating what the races are here, so you can just look it up here instead of saying “Same as standard except…”


High Elf

Grey Elves

Wood Elves

Dark Elves







Sometime i will devide these into race pages with flavor text

Note:Racial Skills means they are allways class skills for that race.
Note: Certain classes have a racial restriction on them. if you want to overcome the Race Restriction, give me a Damn Good Reason. (Sorry, no High Elf Totem Priests)

PHB Human
1 additional Bonus Feat
1 additional Skill point per level
Only Humans or High Elves may be Palidins
Pick 2 cross class skills to be class skills

High Elves
PHB elves
Only Humans and High Elves may be Palidins
10x starting gold
Racial Skills Additional+4
Diplomacy and Knowledge Heraldry

Free Masterwork Longsword
Noble House

Grey Elves
2 INT +2 WIS -2CON
Medium Size, Normal Speed, Low Light Vision, Elven Immunities from High Elf
+4 VS Spell Resistance
(No Weapon Familiarity)
Racial Skills Additional
All Knowledge Skills , May be used untrained
Use Magic Device
Wands/Staves/Rods as Martial Weapon Proficiency
+1 spell per level

Dark Elves
2 INT +2 DEX -2 CHA
Medium Size, Normal Speed, Low Light Vision, Elven Immunities from High Elf
Poison Use Feat
Drow Equipment availability
Drow Crossbow (
2, x2 range increment heavy crossbow)
Drow Scope (x5 range increment when attached)
Glass Bolts (for poison)

Racial Skills Additional+4
Survival, Swamp
Proficiency Rapier, Crossbows (Heavy, Light, Hand and Dwarven) :Drow Weapons as Martial

Wood Elves
+2 DEX +2 CON -2 CHA
Illeterate (1 skill point for literacy
Poor (1d4 starting gold)
Medium Size, Normal Speed, Low Light Vision, Elven Immunities from High Elf
Racial Skills: FREE full ranks in Two of the Following PLUS additonal +4 in all of the following
Use Rope
Craft (boyer/fletcher Leatherworking
Weapon Proficiency
Longbow +4 (to hit and damage)

Free Equipment
Elven Longbow (+2 native)
Arrows (20, Flint , irretrievable)
Simple Craft Tools (non metal)
Anything you can make, within reason.

PHB halflings
Racial Skills: Additonal +4
Profession (anything having to do with Inn-keeping or Hospitality)
Friends in Low Places

PHB Dwarves
Racial Skills: Additonal +4
All Craft Skills regarding Metal and Stone (Pick One to be maxed)
Access to Metalurgy Skill
+1 bonus for weapons and armor crafted for every 5 ranks.
Must pay gold cost as magic item.
Stacks with Magic Item Bonus
Proficient with Axes and All Dwarven Weapons.
Dwarves with Armor Smithing have a secret to engeneering Armor that enables them to make plate mail with a Base AC of 10 (Dwarven Plate)

PHB Gnomes
All Gnomes are proficient with Firearms
Only Gnomes are proficient in firearms.
-The Church of Spriggan takes a very dim (fatal) view on other races learning the secrets of Firearms- Redacted due to the current crisis. More guns Intelligence currently states that vordak may have firearms. (

Gunsmithing is a Skill, not a feat.
Black powder is created by priests of Spriggan (similar process to holy water)
Firearms are considered Medium Weapons instead of Small (use medium damage tables.)
Racial Skills (+4)
Craft Gunsmith

+2 INT +2CHA -2 WIS (Charisma doesn’t mean looks)
Bad Reputation: Goblins arent Trusted and are scrutinized much more often than All other races.
Anarchy: Goblins cannot form a stable government. If 3 goblins are in a dungeon, and reach a T intersection, one will Always want to go left, one will Always want to go right. And the third will Either try to figure out how to go straight, or insist that this was the wrong way to begin with.
Racial Skills +4 Each
All Thief Skills

For every 100 gp in gems a goblin has, they may add 1 year to their life.
This pushes back the end of your current age category.
Goblins get Poison use Free.

+4 STR +4 CON -2 CHA -2 WIS
Keen Sense of Smell
Partially Blind
These two together act as Low Light Vision, and cause orcs to take Half penalty from bieng Blinded. (or no penalty with blind fighting)
Poor (Starting gold in SP)
Bad Reputation: Orcs have a reputation as Bloodthirsty Maniacs, and will be given due caution. And may be made to surrender weapons when entering a city.

Orcs over time adorn their armor with trophies of their fallen enemies, this grants them a +2 bonus to Intimidate, and a +2 bonus to AC, Armor Check, and Max dex. These bonuses Stack with all other bonuses. HOWEVER. An orc must spend time Wearing, Adjusting and Decroating their armor. It takes At Least 10 battles to gain the trophies, and 2 weeks to make the adjustments. However the Battles and the adjustments may run Concurrently. If an Orc ceases to maintain his armor, he loses both bonuses within a week.
Racial Skills +4 each
Survival (no penaly tracking at speed, -5 at double movement, on foot only. Ground considered 1 category softer due to Keen sense of Smell
Perception (smell)
Orcs with Leatherworking may make Exceptional Leather and Studded LeatherArmor. +4 bonus, No Armor Check penalty, No max dex.
This Armor must be custom fitted to the individual. If they gain or lose 20 lbs it is treated as normal leather until it is re-fitted.

Lizardmen 2 races (class independant)

+2 STR +2Dex -2 Cha
Alien Brain +2 vs Mind Effecting Spells
Soldier Trained +3 weapon proficincies
Cold Blooded +2 on hide checks VS Creatures with Low Light Vision or Darkvision
Dragon Blooded: Energy Resistance 5 Resistances based on type of dragon

+2 INT +2 WIS -2 Cha
Alien Brain +2 vs Mind Effecting Spells
Cold Blooded +2 on hide checks VS Creatures with Low Light Vision or Darkvision
Dragon Blooded: Energy Resistance 5 Resistances based on type of dragon
Considered to have Dragon parts for type of dragon for spell components.

There is also a lizard ogre class, but it is nominally inteligent, unable to communicate, has claws for hands, and an opposing claw like a panda… unable to use tools effectively, but able to lift heavy things.
If you insist on trying to play one, the anwser is no… they are for windowdressing.


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